2023 Memberships: $50
SAVE! Additional Household Memberships:
2nd Membership: $40
3rd Membership: $30

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Memberships are valid for the current competition year.

GTBRA Membership Perks:

1-Awards at ALL shows

2-“Member Perks” giveaways at every show

3-“Members Only” bonus money at Day Shows AND Super Shows.

4-Members receive advance notice to purchase exhibitions before the link is made public.

5-Only members may qualify for the 2023 Elite Qualifier Championship with $15k Added.

Member Perks Buckles Awarded at the GTBRA Money Run – June 15, 2019.
Member Perks for the GTBRA July Jamboree Award. To be awarded at Double J – July 20, 2019
Member Perks for the GTBRA Fire Cracker Run. Statesboro, GA – August 3, 2019.

Member Divisional Awards for the GTBRA Feel The Heat Run
Georgia Sports Arena – Swainsboro, GA – August 10, 2019


The goal of the GTBRA is to offer our members a user friendly online exhibition reservation & entry system. You will be able to pay at the time of submitting your online entry, or when you arrive at the show. All draws, both competition & exhibition, will be published by the Wednesday before the race. This will allow you to arrive at our shows and have all your competition information in hand. If you don’t need to pay, have any questions or need anything of our office staff, you can spend that time with your horse instead of waiting in line.

If you are not able to pre-enter, no problem! The GTBRA will accept entries on location and online until the 1st horse of the class runs. Even if you are unable to make it to the office before the 1st horse runs, please use our online system to enter the day of the race. We are making every effort possible to eliminate the need for contestants to stand in line at the office to get exhibitions &/or enter.

You may submit your entries online or at the event. There is a 5% convenience fee on all credit card transactions. Returned check fee is $35 per check.

All checks are printed and available for pickup on location. Check not picked up on location are mailed the Monday following a GTBRA event.

The Pre-Entry deadline for GTBRA events is always listed on the entry form and show flyer. If you pre-enter and do not scratch your entry by the pre-entry deadline, you are responsible for your tab. SCRATCHES NOT RECEIVED BY THE PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE ARE REQUIRED TO BE PAID. All open tabs after the pre-entry deadline REQUIRE PAYMENT. Failure to not pay your open tab will result in you being denied entry to future GTBRA events until all outstanding invoices and fees have been satisfied.

If you enter a race and pay with a credit card, and SCRATCH by the appropriate deadline, your entry fees will be refunded via check following the conclusion of the event – Convenience Fees and Rider Fees will not be refunded.

After the pre-entry deadline, a credit card is required to guarantee payment on all Cash/Check entries. No credit card will ever be charged when your tab is paid in full on location. Failure to pay your tab on location will result in your credit card being charged for your entire tab balance, and will include a 5% convenience fee and a $50 office service charge. Please settle your tab on location.

Riders are welcome to enter as many horses as they like. A rider/horse combination can make 1 competition run per day at GTBRA events. If you are in a class and would like to enter an additional class, the 2nd class entry will be a roll over. 1 Horse + 1 Rider = 1 Run Per Day

All checks void after 60 days from the date they are issued. Need a replacement check? No problem! Write VOID on the front of your check and email a picture to: We will replace that check. There is a $25 fee to reissue check(s) for the first request. $50 to reissue check(s) for the 2nd request. $75 to reissue check(s) for all requests after 3 times.

Did you not receive your check in the mail following an event? No problem! Let us know. After 60 days from the date issued, if you have not received your check(s), we will replace it/them. Requests for replacement check(s) must be emailed to: Please do not text or Facebook message a replacement check request.

GTBRA will not clear tabs with show earnings. TAB ENTRIES must be paid by 12pm, noon, the day of an event. If you fail to pay your invoice before 12pm, noon, on a Saturday event day, your tab will be cleared with the credit card securing payment. These invoices will have a 5% convenience fee and $50 Unpaid Tab Late Fee billed to them. PLEASE COME TO THE SHOW OFFICE WITH ANY AND ALL ENTRY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS OR ISSUES.

Failure to not pay your open tab will result in you being denied entry to future GTBRA events until all outstanding invoices have been satisfied. Failure to pay your tab may result in your tab being turned over to collections.

All contestants must provide GTBRA a completed, signed and dated W-9 for each competition year a contestant competes with us. Please visit for a W-9 form. If you have received a W-9 request from GTBRA, we reserve the right to withhold winnings until a W-9 has been provided.

Everyone is welcome to run at GTBRA events. There is NO fee to run as a non-member. Only members will be eligible for Advance Notice on Exhibition sales, Membership Perks, prizes and GTBRA Members added money.

Memberships are not retroactive. If you run at a show as a non-member and purchase your membership later, you are not eligible for member perks or awards while you were a non-member.

Please enter using your horse’s registered name. This will allow us to submit all results to Equistat.

The Open Class will be run in 4D Format. 1D, 2D is 1/2 second, 3D is 1 second off, and 4D is 2 seconds off. Sidepots will be placed and paid back on the same format. Sidepots offered: GTBRA Members, No Penalty, Helmet, Youth, 2D Futurity (5 & Under) and 2D Slot.

The GTBRA will payback 75% of all entry fees, and 100% of all added money.

Once entered and past the pre-entry deadline, contestants are welcome to do either 1 of the following changes: a horse change OR a rider change – NOT BOTH. NO EXCEPTIONS!


-Prizes won must be picked up on location – they will not be mailed. We request you be present to have your picture taken with your award.

-The GTBRA will accept Cash, Check, and all major credit cards.
-$35 Return Check Fee.

The GTBRA is not affiliated with any organizations. The GTBRA is a stand alone association.

Have a question? Please contact Stacey at 864-992-8664 or Andre’ Marie at 706-495-5126 call/text.